About capital N

In trees still dripping night, some nameless birds
Woke, shook out their arrowy wings, and sang,
Slowly, like finches sifting through a dream.
The pink sun fell, like glass, into the fields.
Two chestnuts, and a dapple gray,
Their shoulders wet with light, their dark hair steaming,
Climbed the hill. The last mist fell away.

And under the trees, beyond time’s brittle drift,
I stood like Adam in his lonely garden
On that first morning, shaken out of sleep,
Rubbing his eyes, listening, parting the leaves,
Like tissue on some vast, incredible gift.
- Mary Oliver

Crypto is in its pets.com phase. In this beginning, we glimpse something as beautiful and transformative as the Linux kernel was, because we see something that is a composable, system of systems, like Nature. We glimpse a reinvention of finance, medicine, artificial inteligence, robotics, the internet and computing itself.

We're excited to be here at the beginning.